If you live in a country where most of the population relies on having a vehicle to go from point a to point b, chances are you are quite used to the driving experience.  Your car becomes an extension of you, it has given you lots of great times but now it seems to be just burning  a big hole on your pocket. How do you know that it is time to throw in the towel and call the junkyard? Read on below to know the right answer.

Car Broken Down on Side of Road

Cost to Repair Exceeds Value

Before you go to Google and type in the search bar, “junk car buyers near me” it is important to determine first if indeed your car is beyond saving.  Talk to a mechanic and know how much the cost to repair the vehicle. The surest and clearest sign that your next call should be to a junk car buyer is if you discover that the cost to repair is more than the car’s current value.

How do you know your car’s value if you are provided with a high estimate cost? Consult the Kelley Blue Book so you will know the going rate for your vehicle. Once you have a general idea of your car’s current worth in the state that it is in, it can be easier to know if repairs are still the wise choice.

Safety Issues

One of the most stressful situations any driver can experience is not knowing whether the car is safe to drive. Car safety has come a long way since the 1st car was driven on the road. It is important to know whether you stayed up to date with any recalls or repairs.  If you own a much older car, how do you know if the driver and passenger side airbags are still working?  If all you do is worry about the car’s roadworthiness then it is definitely time to speak to a cash for junk car specialist.

No One Wants to Buy It

You tried posting it online, even called some of your friends that need a car but everyone turned you down. If there is no one that wants to purchase your car then it is a sure sign that it is headed to the trash heap.  Cars that cannot find a buyer means the car belongs to the junkyard, not in someone’s garage.

Repair Issues are Always the Same

Try to assess the repair jobs you’ve done in the past several  years. If you discover that your transmission or any other major part breaks down every x number of months then it is time to probably move on and get a newer more reliable car.