Many times you see ads on TV or radio showing cash for junk dealers almost every time a commercial break airs. Normally, you would probably just change the channel or simply drift your mind to something else while waiting for your show to come back on. However, there is a lot of truth that these junk car dealers say when they advertise their services on air. It is true you get good value for money for your junk car (as long as you are talking to a reputable dealer) and you also hear them saying about helping the environment through recycling. Many of us are dependent on our vehicles for our everyday life and most of us probably have cars that have seen their share of road time. If you own a car that is at least ten years old or even a recent one that has lots of damage to it, you might want to consider what these dealers are proclaiming.

Environmental Benefit

What do you get aside from the obvious cash reward when junking your car? You get to save another car from being thrown into the landfill that’s for sure. Recycling is a hot topic all over the world and our planet would benefit if we simply reuse the stuff we keep throwing away. Each year the earth is getting warmer because the polar ice caps are shrinking. Pretty soon we will be in big trouble if we do not recognize what we have to do right now. We are merely stewards of this planet and therefore owe it to our children and their children’s children to take care of this beautiful place. Your car is one item that can be used for recycling and may be of use to others. Each year there are over 14 million tons of recycled steel from junk cars alone. This is a relatively huge amount and shows that there is great potential in the future not just for recycling old cars but other items we simply just throw away. Recycling your junk car is a win-win situation. You get good value for something that you do not need anymore and just takes up space as well as help the environment while you’re at it too.

Preventing Hazardous Products

Another environmental benefit of recycling your junk car is the removal and proper disposal of hazardous fluids that will leak or are still stored in your junk car. Engine oil, anti-freeze, battery acid, air con coolant and stagnant fuel left in the tank are just some of the bad stuff that can hurt the environment. Choosing the right junkyard is key to ensuring that all of these chemicals do not reach precious groundwater and lakes. It is important that you look for cash for junk dealers that is reliable, professional and known for their safe environmental track record. Find a junkyard that has all the necessary equipment to remove these hazardous chemicals in order to prevent them from contaminating the environment.

Preventing More Waste from Landfills

Another excellent reason why recycling your junk car is good for the earth is the simple fact, that you reduce the impact this waste material incurs on landfills. A typical landfill produces methane gas, as a result of biological decomposition. The gas goes up to the earth’s atmosphere and is considered a greenhouse emission as it warms the earth and produces damage to our already fragile environment. Landfills also cause the destruction and eventual extinction of animal and plant species that reside in the area because they lose their natural habitat so we can have a place to throw our trash away. What we throw eventually will come back to us. When it rains, water seeps into the landfill washing off toxic chemicals and bringing them to precious water sources that become contaminated with volatile organic compounds.

Do your part by selling your old and damaged cars to a reputable junkyard dealer for recycling and proper disposal.