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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Max Cash For Junk Cars Over Other Similar Services Out There?2018-09-20T17:49:06+00:00

At Max Cash for Junk Cars we pay you top dollar for your car. We have no hidden fees and we provide you a quick quote, free pickup and payment on the spot. We serve customers looking to dispose of their junk cars all across the US. We are a full-service junk car buyer and we can remove your junk car or damaged vehicle usually same day or within 48 hours. We only use environmentally safe practices for recycling damaged vehicles. We pay you on the spot and always a free tow.

I Am Not Sure If You Will Accept My Car. Are Their Limits to the Type and Amount of Damage?2018-09-20T17:48:36+00:00

We will purchase your junk car, truck, van or SUV regardless of the amount of damage it has incurred. We will buy your flood damaged car, wrecked car, totaled car, vehicle with mechanical issues, transmission trouble, hail damage and more.

How About Abandoned Cars On My Property?2018-09-20T17:47:50+00:00

If you want to get rid of the abandoned cars in your property you will need to call your local police station first to obtain special instructions on the correct paperwork necessary for abandoned vehicles left on your lot. 

How About Damaged Cars?2018-09-20T17:47:26+00:00

We purchase damaged cars. Regardless of how beaten or worn down your car is we shall provide you with a good quote for it.  Plus,  you need not worry of having to pay for towing as we will pick up the car, van, truck or SUV for you absolutely free and pay you on the spot.

Do I Need to Pay You Just to Get a Quote?2018-09-20T17:46:59+00:00

Our quotes are absolutely free and our service always with a smile. 

What Will Happen to My Car?2018-09-20T17:46:29+00:00

For the most part, the junk car will be stripped of fluids and other hazardous materials and then crushed and taken to a local shredder. In some cases, the car may be repaired and resold. 

I Have a Lien on the Car, Is that a Problem?2018-09-20T17:46:03+00:00

You will need to pay off the balance first before we are able to buy the car from you. After satisfying your loan, request a lien release from your bank and present that along with your title at the pickup.

I Just Had Some Major Repair Work Done, Will That Increase My Junk Car Value?2018-09-20T17:45:33+00:00

It greatly varies from vehicle to vehicle. Depending  on the situation, if a car is able to be resold with new parts and in good running condition, it may fetch a higher price. 

How Do You Determine How Much to Pay for My Junk Car?2018-09-20T17:44:59+00:00

Generally, the price we pay for junk cars are based on several factors. The four main ones are: Year, Make, Model and Condition of the vehicle. In most instances, if the car is truly junk then we determine the value based on the weight and other metal values. The weight of your car in tons will vary depending on the make, model, year, materials and type whether it is a sedan, SUV or truck.  The weight of the car is useful when trying to sell your junk car for cash.  Most junk cars have already reached the end of their operational life and will be stripped of recyclable parts and then crushed. It is not unusual to assume that we sometimes may pay based on the condition of the car but in many situations we are required to pay based on weight and the metals the same as our competitors.

Do You Require That I Be Present When You Pick Up the Car?2018-09-20T17:44:18+00:00

You do have to be physically present when we pick up your vehicle for removal. We need to have you there to verify ownership. Plus we pay you at the transaction so you’ll want to be there. Keep in mind however, we do our very best to accommodate your busy schedule.

How Do I Sell My Junk Car for Cash?2018-09-20T17:49:31+00:00

It is very easy you can call us by phone at this number: 855-862-4183 and we shall provide you with a quick quote. Once you agree to the price, just tell us where you want your vehicle picked up and we will set the appointment time convenient for your schedule. At the pickup, you will be paid for your vehicle on the spot. All you need to provide us is your driver’s license, car keys and the vehicle title. No Hassles. Quick and easy disposal of your junk car plus you have money in your pocket.

Do You Provide Free Towing?2018-09-20T17:42:59+00:00

At Max Cash for Junk Cars your convenience is our top priority. We do not make it hard for you to dispose of your junk car. We provide free towing. Always have and always will. 

What Type of Vehicles Do you Buy?2018-09-20T17:41:13+00:00

Max Cash For Junk Cars will purchase almost all makes and models of cars, SUVs, trucks and vans whether they are running or not.  We make the process of selling your car, truck or van an easy and seamless process. We have years of experience in the car buying industry and we have acquired insight into local auto trends and valuations so that we can give you the best price for your junk vehicle.  Our services are nationwide and our many locations across the country means that you can work with someone close by. 

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