If you have an old broken down vehicle just rusting away in your garage or worse in the street, a profitable way of getting rid of it is to sell it to a cash for junk dealer. The process is pretty simple. You call the cash for junk dealer, inform him of your intentions to sell said car, prepare the necessary documents, the dealer comes in takes the car and gives you money for your trouble. Sounds simple right? For the most part, you will be dealing with reputable junk car dealers that will provide you with a good quote for your car. However, there are a few that will take advantage of what you do not know and might give you a run around or lowball you with an offer that was not originally agreed upon.


Salvage Yards will Take Anything

Regardless if your car is still running or merely a heap of metal, rubber and plastic, junkyards will be more than happy to take it from your hands. They are interested more in the parts as opposed to the overall condition of the vehicle. Even if they have stripped it off useful parts they can sell such as the radio, GPS and tires, the metal will still have value as scrap. Nothing is wasted.


If you still have a running car but your insurance already considers it a junk car, finding a buyer for it might not be the best way to go. Finding a buyer is time consuming and difficult especially if they know that the car is already labeled as junk. Trading it in for some cash to a local cash for junk dealer is the most convenient option for you. Most will pick it up free without any charge.

Good for the Environment

It is the responsibility of the salvage yard to ensure that your car is disposed of properly including the toxic chemicals and fluids that are still lurking within its bowels. Junking a car is a complicated process. The junkyard will need to drain it of all fluids and ensure not a drop will find its way into the soil to harm the environment. On top of that, the metal is sold as scrap and then recycled to make new cars.

When Junking Your Car


You know you are dealing with a reputable salvage yard when they have a good reputation to protect. Those that have been in the business for many years and have many satisfied customers will help you decide on which one to trust. Salvage yards with a good reputation will not lowball you or charge anything for towing. Find out if they are members of the local BBB or if there are any complaints about them from other customers.

Get More than One Quote

Don’t be satisfied with the first quote you get when you offer your old car for sale. It is in your best interest to compare at least from 2 or 3 dealers to know if you are indeed getting the best value for your junk car. You can easily get quotes online. Just make sure you adequately provide a good description of the condition of your car. Its make and model and whether it is still running or not. Make sure you have complete documentation to ensure that your transaction is hassle free.